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New album "Disintegrate" out today

Disintegrate is einarIndra´s long awaited 4th studio album and his first one in (so called) full length. Written, performed and produced by einarIndra it also features the vocals of Sillus (Dóttir) and Abbey Parker “Lefay” (Without You).

The album was recorded between Reykjavík, Tenerife, Lisbon and Porto largely before the pandemic struck.

As before it´s core is electronic with his singer songwriter type flow but it also moves more into electronica with a couple of songs being purely instrumental/electronic.

einarIndra says this about the album:

“This album was a long journey for me and I think the listener can hear it. It´s an album of discovery where I´m searching for new ways in music and kinda deciding on everything and nothing, going with what feels right each time and bringing as much soul into the work as possible. As the name suggest I´ve been tearing down old ideas I had about my music and allowing them to melt down into something new. Finding beauty in the disintegration of things.”


  1. Watching things grow

  2. Dissolve

  3. The end of Dissolve

  4. Without you feat. Abbey

  5. Portugal

  6. Dóttir feat. Sillus

  7. Fragments of the past

  8. Berlin

  9. Not completely here

  10. Softer now ?

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